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21 Aug 2021 -Bhubaneswar TPCODL Reduces Feeder tripping by 47% in the last one year
~ Proactive measures implemented by the company to improve reliability of overhead power lines after taking over from CESU in June 2020~
~ The company conducted a detailed internal survey regarding the overhead powerline~

TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPCODL), a joint venture of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, recently has taken significant measures to reduce power tripping in the state. This has resulted in bringing down the interruptions by almost 47%.

Since its inception, on June 1, 2020, TPCODL has taken numerous initiatives to provide a safe, reliable, and quality power supply to its 27 lakh consumers under its license area of 30,000 sq. km.

In the company's distribution network majority of power lines are overhead lines (for both high voltage and low voltage) and are prone/vulnerable to faults because of birds crashing, trees falling, high wind flow, lightning, heavy rains, etc.

TPCODL conducted a detailed survey which revealed that for every 33kV feeder there were nearly 225 interruptions per annum, and for every 11Kv feeder there were 506 interruptions per annum in the year 2019-20.

To reduce the tripping, TPCODL had taken a slew of measures, listed below, that resulted in the reduction of 33kV feeder tripping’s by 69% and 11kV feeder tripping’s by 40%, bringing down the total interruptions by almost 47% from as shown in the trend.

Key measures taken which resulted in the reduction of tripping:

  • Setting up of a Centralized Power System Control for regular monitoring and automated operation of the network performance
  • Detailed Investment plan to improve and strengthen the existing distribution network
  • Implementation of structured maintenance schedule and deployment of expert agencies for regular repair & maintenance of the network
  • Ensuring adequate availability of materials and spares for repair and maintenance work
  • Vegetation Management program to prevent power obstruct and monsoon preparatory drives
  • Structured study of the network to identify and understand network issues   

Speaking on the developments Mr M Shenbagam, CEO TPCODL, said “TPCODL, is committed to ensuring uninterrupted, affordable, and quality power to all its consumers and is constantly implementing a slew of technologies and pro-actively taking on-ground measures to ensure the same. Our engineers and on-ground staff are working non-stop to enhance the reliability of power."

To further reduce the tripping, TPCODL, in the next 7 months will continue to work on network improvement activities such as replacement of aged and sick equipment, CAPEX investment for project related work, refurbishment of feeders and substations, condition based monitoring, construction of FRP or chain linked fencing of existing substations etc. These initiatives will further help in improving the quality and reliability of the power supply.

About Tata Power:

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